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Dating a saxophone player

A major player...highly recommended." -Rolling Stone "Selwyn Birchwood is a master storyteller--both lyrically and musically.

He's an impressive, hard-crunching, modern blues guitarist.

DAN BALMER -- Widely considered the defining sound of contemporary jazz guitar in the Northwest.

Described by the as "the model of what a contemporary guitarist should be," Dan is one of the most original and creative artists to come from the fertile Northwest music scene.

The band is José Medeles…David Coniglio…Josh Thomas…Knate Carter DRUMS. The band is José Medeles…David Coniglio…Josh Thomas…Knate Carter DRUMS. He has developed into a young modern jazz master following decades of apprenticing with master musicians of many styles.

After learning to play his approximation of dozens of iconic saxophonists from the 20's to the 70's, he created four influential styles of jazz music.

#Marti Mendenhall #Pdx Jazz Singer #Sound Tasting PDX 1939 ENSEMBLE is an instrumental quartet from Portland, Oregon. Read more1939 ENSEMBLE is an instrumental quartet from Portland, Oregon. The band doesn’t just cross genres, they both embrace and exploit them, inviting each listener in through the familiar, and then leaving them with something new to explore."...blessed..." LA Times "" NY Times "The greatest alto saxophone player." Eddie Palmieri "The Charlie Parker of these times." Bill Summers Saxophonist Donald Harrison Jr. The fifty-six year old force of nature has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments.

Recently featured in Oregon Music News' "Coffeehouse Conversations," Marti adds four new originals to this passionate, entertaining show.

"Marti is not only a talented singer and writer, but she understands the audience is there to be entertained." - Tony Starlight Special Guest, Ben Graves on Guitar.

His richly detailed, hard-hitting originals run the emotional gamut from the humorously personal My Whiskey Loves My Ex to the gospel-inflected Even The Saved Need Saving to the hard truths of the topical Corporate Drone and Police State to the existential choice of the title track.

The cutting-edge songs are made all the more impactful by Birchwood's gruff vocals, his untamed musicianship and his band's seemingly telepathic accompaniment.

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His fretwork is high-energy, raw and vivid...knife-edged leads and roadhouse-rattling grooves.

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